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Join ActionCOACH Truro for our latest series of blog posts, as Tim Hill discusses relevant and trending topics whilst providing you with an insight into the mind of a Business Coach.

To start us off, we discuss the relevant topic of ‘Recruitment’, as in the UK we have hit the highest levels of job vacancies since records began 20 years ago. So, what makes your advertised job stand out from the crowd and attract to potential employees who match your required skill set and academic background?

Tim has broken this broad topic down into his three Top Tips;

Tip 1) Do Something Different- Make your job adverts creative and fun, what is making them stand out?

Tip 2) Take Your Time- Be sure to plan and prepare your recruitment process from start to finish.

Tip 3) Do Your MathsLook at your finances, what are the benefits of a new team member?


Stop looking at marketing as an expense, it is an investment. 

In this episode of Tim’s Top Tips for marketing, Tim takes a look at how every business should have its own marketing plan in place, in order to take its business to the next level. As you will see we hold a monthly book club, we are currently discussing ‘The 1 Page Marketing Plan’, D, Allan. Allan describes marketing as a ‘strategy’ which companies use to gain the trust and adoration of their target audience, with the end goal in mind of making them valued customers. Interesting, target audience you say…

Tip 1) Know Your Audience- The more you know about your customers and prospects, the easier it is to market to them.

Tip 2) Test & Measure- Find out which marketing is working best, and then ramp it up.

Tip 3) Change Your Mindset- You need to invest in marketing to grow your business.



You can’t manage, what you don’t measure.

Business operations evolve as your business grows, as a business owner you need to be ready to evolve. As a business owner, you should have clear business plans & goals. From your goals, you should then be able to commence measuring your business performance through realistic and actionable objectives. Management should have established company objectives and clear targets that their employees should be aware of

Tip 1) Have your KPIs in place- Have some measurements, so you know what your numbers look like.

Tip 2) Review the costs- Do you honestly know the cost of producing your product?

Tip 3) Have a training process- You need to train team members, so they can also run your operations.


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