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Welcome to the Community

Business planning – for everyone

All of our clients meet every 90 days to enjoy a day of networking, business education and time to plan out their next 90 days in business. These hugely enjoyable events are fast becoming one of Cornwall’s best business events with client feedback consistently being fantastic.  Ring fence time in your diary to expand your horizons and plan for the future.

Become part of our community

First of all, it’s important to understand that being a member of GrowthCLUB gives you access to our community. We are a group of individuals and companies that are looking to progress their business. The room is united by a desire to improve business and quality of life. Each time we host GrowthCLUB we see the community become stronger and stronger – with our clients now doing business with each other and developing friendships. The purpose of GrowthCLUB is to educate and
use time to plan, but the relationships that are being developed are arguably just as crucial on your business journey.

What the day looks like

After an initial networking session, we launch into business education presentations/workshops. Work with others to discuss key topics and how they can help you in real life. Business coach Tim Hill leads these sessions as well as welcoming special guests in to edutain our clients.

After a great lunch and more time to network, you will spend quality time planning out your next 90
days. We provide the resources to do this and are on hand to support.

We find that planning is a skill that many people are not yet comfortable with. Like anything, the more you practice – the
better you get! For this reason membership to GrowthCLUB is an annual subscription
that includes four of these fantastic events.

We have seen first-hand how much business owners take from these sessions and the improvements they make with setting SMART goals – and then committing to them in their day to day business.

A programme for everyone

We genuinely believe that all business owners should attend this. No matter the size of your business.

Membership of GrowthCLUB automatically includes access to BookCLUB and our legendary Big Friday Finish, an online webinar from world class business leaders and thought provokes.

Investment: £120 + VAT per month. Or a one-off annual payment of £1200 + VAT.

Enquire About This Programme

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Other Programmes That Can Help You

Clarity and Motivation

Investment £1495

What is it you actually want in your personal life? More time, money or fun? You may be wondering what that’s got to do with your business plan? Well, your business exists to provide money to do the things you want and also give you the time to do them.

Learn before you earn!

Complimentary with all coaching programmes
or £25 per month

This monthly event is a great opportunity to learn, network with other businesses and to implement real changes into both your life and business. You will learn the secrets of success and receive coaching from the world’s number 1 business coaching company.

Are you ready to make a change?

Fortnightly £1250 p/m
Weekly £1750 p/m

Our signature programme and the most intense: results-driven coaching that any business owner can put to use. This programme is suitable for high quality businesses already experiencing steady growth, but with the goal to grow more rapidly. You’re probably working too many hours and your business would not survive without your constant attention.

Coaching for new or small businesses

From £500 per month

This is a fantastic option for business owners at the beginning of their journey who need help with what they should be spending their time on. In our experience, people can be busy fools! We aim to challenge and support you to focus on things that matter.

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